Best way to disable capslock delay on mac

If you google “capslock delay mac”, you will see a lot of people is suffering by this Feature. And there is no builtin method to turn it off.

Here is my method I’d like to share. May be this is the simplest one you can ever found on the internet and it is totally free! The solution supports all mac versions in theoretical. In my case, I have Sierra (10.12.6).

The Reciepe

Step 1: Download and install the following software we need.

Step 2: Use Karabiner maps CapsLock key to F19.

Step 3: Edit init.lua under the path ~/.hammerspoon, paste the code below.

pressedF19 = function()

hs.hotkey.bind({}, 'F19', pressedF19, nil)

Reload hammerspoon config for changes to take effect.

That’s all and we are done.