My name is LYF. I’m a software engineer living at ShenZhen. I have years of experience on fullstack web development. For the last couple of years, I developes Android Apps. The name of the blog came from a collection of essays written by LuXun in 1932 - Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk(Zhao Hua Xi Shi).

Amateur Projects

Open-JS A Javascript library to connect Tencent Weibo with app. 2011

Cubian A popluar Linux OS created for cubieboard. 2013-2014

gvimim gvimim-macvim jsruntime.vim jsoncodecs jsflakes.vim sourcebeautify.vim haml-instant As a VIM fans, I created series of projects related with VIM.

exoplayer2-mediaplayer-extension exoplayer2-hevc-extension ExoPlayer2 ExoPlayer is one of my favorite projects, I did some of work on it.


ArchSummmit. 2018.7


GitHub: michalliu

StackOverflow: me

Email: michalliu AT foxmail DOT com